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    Building and educating online communities for mission driven start ups (Etsy, BarkBox, Managed by Q) for 10 years, Danielle brings to the table a deep understanding of what motivates communities and the people who build them. She uses this empathy, an eagerness to innovate, and sharp wit to produce socially innovative and responsible content, products, events, and experiences.


    In 2005, I was a goldsmith, selling my work on a new site called Etsy. Within a few months I was a top seller and a community leader. Etsy invited me to join in and help the founding team build this website that was dead set on changing the world's economy. The magic, as I saw it, was in motivating, educating, and bonding the community. I helped run community 'teams', built the Etsy Seller Education division, created and developed powerfully motivating content, lead hundreds of online and in person events for hundreds of thousands of creative entrepreneurs.


    As a founding team member at BarkBox, I merged my passion for building community from scratch with animal welfare. I created an award-winning 'BarkHappy' (customer experience) team, and an innovative 'BarkGood' (social good) team. I launched apps for the animal rescue space, created brand-building and socially responsible events and experiences. I also saved a few hundred animals along the way.


    I’ve successfully carved a space for myself, my values, and my products within startups. I know how to start with nothing and build layer by layer to create work others are clamoring to invest their time and money in. I do this with honesty, humor, badassery. I work hard, and use grit, innovation, and curiosity to bring ideas, products, events to the next level.

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    Team leadership & culture

    Community building

    Brand management

    Project & event management

    Customer experience

    Content strategy

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    Ready to show up and support the growth of your team and community? Let's chat about creating people powered processes, products, experiences & progress.

    Creative Entrepreneurs

    1:1 Shop Makeover consulting sessions available for creative little beasts. Let's get real and chat about what your creative e-commerce business is going through, and come up with a plan to get you to your next stage of success.

    Event and Project Management

    Have a community-focused event or project you need help getting off the ground? I've done it all, from intimate in-person workshops, weekend conferences, online community events, to launching apps!

  • Select Projects

    I build community and brand building events, projects, and teams!

    Etsy Success Symposium

    Etsy's First Seller Conference

    The Etsy Success Symposium was Etsy's first conference - an annual in-person and online event that brought together the Etsy community for a day of workshops and community building. Called "the Community of Commerce, in action" this event engaged the Etsy seller community and brought community magic only felt online, to a physical space.

    BarkBuddy iOS App

    A Tinder-style App for Adopting Dogs

    Product managed a mobile application from concept to launch. BarkBox's social good mission was to create products that solved the pet homelessness problems with innovation. BarkBuddy launched to make the dog adoption process easier. Featured by Time, Today.com, TechCrunch, DailyMail, mentioned on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and was featured by Apple in the App Store.

    Managed by Q LA Launch

    Built community, team, and managed new accounts

    Headed outreach to over 300 local LA startups via guerilla marketing campaigns. Used the new market to invent, test, and launch new processes for account management, increasing efficiency. Screened, interviewed, and hired various staff roles.
    Trained new staff; created training materials and procedures for the LA market.

    #DOGforDOGpaws Campaign

    Social Media Campaign for DOG for DOG

    Instagram campaign that received 55k+ submissions (including submissions from @TunaMeltsMyHeart, @SnoopDogg, @Toms) and grew DOG for DOG's Instagram account from 1.5k followers to 15k followers in one week. Coverage from The BarkPost landed them in the 'Trending on Facebook' list for the very first time. The campaign also helped feed thousands of shelter dogs.

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    Thoughts on community, start ups & leadership.

    Banner photo by Scott Beal In response to the Bloomberg article, The Barbarians Are at Etsy’s Hand-Hewn, Responsibly Sourced Gates … No, these people aren’t barbarians, but they are trying to push a capitalist model onto a company that was built to buck against it. (And the gates were hand...
    via Mashable   A fortuitous meeting…  After six years, I left Etsy on a Thursday, and I met the BarkBox founders, Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin and Carly Strife, on Friday. I sat down with them at a table, thinking I could get some free stuff for the dog rescue I helped run; instead, I had a real...
    Thrilled to see my previous post, The Other Woman in Tech, hit a nerve with so many. I want to follow up with another post because even though I’m all for “think pieces”, I've always been more drawn to “action pieces”.   Note: I may use the title “other women in tech”, but I recognize there are...
    I’ve always wanted to be one of those women in tech. A great job with an obvious path to success and more money. Building something that everyone is proud of. That could have been me if I were a little younger. I could have been a woman in tech.   This is a common thought I’ve had for years....
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    “I settled on a game called I am a contribution. Unlike success and failure, contribution has no other side. It is not arrived at by comparison.” ― Benjamin Zander

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